Scott Spurgeon

Photographer based in Littleton, Colorado

I love the great state of Colorado and the outdoors, and being born in Colorado I truly believe that I have grown up in the greatest state in the nation, biased as that may be. I service photo shoots of all kinds, including but not limited to: Family, Senior-Year, Wedding, advertising, and more! Please take a look at my work under the “blog post” section, and contact me through my contact page! I would love to work with you!

My love for photography all started at my local church. One of my best friends is the main photographer for our church and is responsible for all the events, services, etc. that the church needs photos of for advertising, media, and more. All of this work was overwhelming him, and so I offered to help him do the grunt of the work (editing) if he would be willing to teach me. Instead, he gave me a better offer- He’d be willing to let me ride along with him every step of the way on his next event, and if I enjoyed it, I could do it myself for the church. Ever since then, I’ve been growing as a photographer, both within my church and within our beautiful state, taking photos at every opportunity.